Therapeutic Learning

Christine Sprack - Therapeutic Learning Consultant

For children with SEND, or who struggle to access learning due to anxiety or other SEMH needs.

In my experience confidence and the willingness to take risks can be the key to unlock learning potential. By focusing on wellbeing and following children’s interests I find a positive place to start, building a connection and creating a safe place to explore.

Children have the opportunity to voice any anxieties relating to education, and are given strategies to overcome this using simple mindfulness techniques.

As confidence increases National Curriculum or EYFS objectives are targeted through a lens of wellbeing, ultimately towards engagement in education. This work is well suited to a partnership with home, school and other agencies to ensure a holistic approach.

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Christine has helped me sooo much and I am so much more confident now that she has taught me. She has helped me understand how things work and why and now I am not afraid of maths anymore.

F (age 10)

Seeing Christine is just like a playdate. She is my favourite teacher!

A (age 7)