We have worked with Christine for 2 years now and she has transformed the way my son approaches work and problem solving. She makes learning fun and has created a relationship based on trust that has helped him come out of himself, reduced his anxiety and built his confidence. I cannot recommend Christine more highly.

Parent, SE27

Not only has Christine’s calm, playful and positive approach built up the girls’ confidence, she has equipped them with excellent strategies to tackle mathematical problems. Most of the time our youngest daughter thinks she’s ‘just playing games’ & the eldest now feels top of the class at fractions, thanks to Christine.

Parent, Berlin

I can’t recommend Christine’s coaching enough. She helped me to identify areas in my life that I wanted to improve and gave me the tools to be able to do so. Since working with her different areas have opened up for me.

M, coaching client

My son truly looks forward to his sessions with Christine, which for me is a hugely important. For a little boy that avoids anything slightly academic this is nothing short of a miracle! Angus has been falling behind with his early years learning and really struggles to sit down and concentrate - particularly when it comes to reading and writing. However with Christine’s fun and engaging sessions he’s slowly catching up with his peers and we’re seeing great progress. We’re struggling with getting support from the school but Christine has not only helped Angus but also me to understand what we can do to help him and know what level he should be attaining to alleviate any of my fears!

Parent, SW2

Christine has been a revelation for our son, who has dyslexia. He dislikes school and despite being a bright, articulate boy, he suffers from poor self confidence due to his struggles to complete work using the prescribed classroom methods. Christine makes learning fun using engaging and tactile methods, she targets specific problems such as working memory and equips our son with ways to tackle these issues moving forward. Most importantly she has worked successfully to improve his self esteem and confidence. In total contrast to his reluctance to attend school our son always looks forward to his lessons with Christine.

Parent, SE27

It has been great to watch Christine in action, making the children feel extremely comfortable in her presence and engaging them in fun, learning activities in English and Maths. Christine consistently uses enjoyable games as a tool which has helped us as parents to also engage our children with other school work, particularly during lockdown. Christine has been incredibly helpful. It’s been brilliant to have her consistent, caring engagement with the children. Christine has been very approachable and friendly from day one, working with us to make education an enjoyable experience for our children even in the most trying of times. It’s been impressive to watch Christine teaching both in the physical space and online.

Parent, SE26

Christine has helped me sooo much and I am so much more confident now that she has taught me. She has helped me understand how things work and why and now I am not afraid of maths anymore

F, age 10

Seeing Christine is just like a playdate. She is my favourite teacher!

A, age 7

I am learning so much more through doing fun maths games with her. Christine makes maths fun!